About Me

 "raising kids is like a walk in the park, jurassic park"

Rockababy is a destination for Mums, Bumps & Babies
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Mum & Baby Yoga 
Newborn Photography
    Rockababy was set up by me, Sue.
    As a restaurant manager for many years I always enjoyed seeing families coming together to celebrate or just support and enjoy each others company.
    My job was to make these experiences as comfortable,
    effortless and as enjoyable as possible.
    I loved going out of my way to make sure new parents were completely comfortable and looked after by all the staff so they were able to enjoy their precious time out.
    My passions are photography, family and connections with people. I am an emotional person and can get teary at just the thoughts of an expectant mum meeting her new baby!
    I love to put this emotion into my work and capture the heartfelt moments that not everybody sees.
    I studied cinematography and film production and am now delighted that I am able to piece everything I love together and in my newborn and children's photography give parents lasting memories of their new arrivals.
    I arrange photoshoots from clients homes in Kildare, Meath & Dublin.
    Looking forward to meeting you and your new arrival!